How BlistWool came to be

About 15 years ago, I had an unfortunate accident breaking my leg in two places. After two surgeries and months of healing, I was ready to get back to the activities I loved, but there was a problem. I was experiencing blisters more than ever, sometimes just on a regular day walking the dog. Fast forward a couple years, I travelled to New Zealand with all my usual blister treatments packed. What I didn't know is, while there, I would soon be introduced to the method of using sheep's wool to prevent blisters. A method commonly used in New Zealand, and the only method I have used since. When I returned to Canada, I sourced some wool and shared it with friends if they were experiencing foot discomfort as I had for many years. The response was incredibly positive and so BlistWool was born. I want to share this untapped secret method with Canada and allow others to enjoy the activities they love, pain free.